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No, it is not designed to be a dating service, but rather a natural, pressure-free environment within which singles have the opportunity to meet other singles.  It provides an enjoyable and safe atmosphere for singles to socialize, get to know one another, and develop many types of relationships.  Not all singles are looking for a romantic interest, but we all benefit from new acquaintances and opportunities to attend social events with others in our same situation.  However, there have been a number of romantic interests and relationships that resulted from members and guests having met at one of our events.
What types of people tend to join this type of social organization?
We have typically attracted professionals from a wide range of backgrounds.  We welcome singles of all ages and professions - you never know who you might meet!
What sets SARASOTA SINGLES SOCIETY apart from other singles organizations?
There is no other concept like this that offers such a diverse variety of upscale events with the level of care and thought given to creating each event.  Members and guests will receive a great deal of personal, individualized attention at the events where there will always be hosts on hand to greet and introduce people to one another.  There will never be that discomfort of arriving and not seeing a friendly or familiar face.
What is the average age of members of this type of club?
We attract a broad range of ages but some events attract a younger group of people while others attract an older group of people.  You cannot judge any one event as indicative of the overall age range of those who attend our events. 

For example, our Holiday Party is our most well attended event of the year.  We typically have singles who range in age from their 40's to early 80's. 

Our dances always tend to attract a broader range of ages, also.

Cultural events such as our Theatre Parties tend to draw people who are in their 60's to early 80's.
How often will dinners and events be scheduled?
There will be a minimum of two club sponsored events each month.  We will always  be open to suggestions and ideas for future events for the club.  Please feel free to comment on past events and how they were received.
Will I feel comfortable attending the SARASOTA SINGLES SOCIETY events alone?
Absolutely!  Hosts will be there to greet you and introduce you to other singles who have also arrived alone.  The whole purpose is to create an environment in which singles are placed in a natural and comfortable social setting to meet new people.
Is it possible to attend an event before joining?
You are welcome to attend two events as a guest (an additional fee of $20. will be applied to the regular charge, unless otherwise indicated).